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F.J. Moore Flanges Provide A Higher Quality Finished Look And Unique Features For Better Protection And Reliability. If you take pride in the details of your work as a builder, roofing contractor or your home as an owner, the quality, look and ease of installation of our vent flanges is an easy choice. The base is adjustable to the exact roof pitch and the preformed top fits the inside of the plumbing pipe without obstruction. A telescoping design allows for expansion and contraction of the roof, or building settling, with no movement at the seal. There are no rubber components to split or crack from the sun and weather. Exposure to the elements will cause rubber to deteriorate, allowing water penetration past the seal. For more detailed model descriptions of our roof-mounted vent pipe flanges/flashing, please look around the site, contact us for a free brochure, or Print Product Brochures.


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